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- Noun

Abatement; also, cessation; as, it blew a gale for three days without any let-up.

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    The Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS) is a disk encryption specification created by Clemens Fruhwirth in 2004 and was originally intended for Linux.

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    In computer networking, the Tunnel Setup Protocol (TSP) is a networking control protocol used to negotiate IP tunnel setup parameters between a tunnel client host and a tunnel broker server, the tunnel end-points. The protocol is defined in RFC 5572 . A major use of TSP is in IPv6 transition mechanisms.

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    A setup, in storytelling, is the introduction in a plot of an element that will be useful to the story only later, when the payoff comes.

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    In fluid dynamics, wave setup is the increase in mean water level due to the presence of breaking waves. Similarly, wave setdown is a wave-induced decrease of the mean water level before the waves break (during the shoaling process). For short, the whole phenomenon is often denoted as wave setup, including both increase and decrease of mean elevation. This setup is primarily present in and near the coastal surf zone. Besides a spatial variation in the (mean) wave setup, also a variation in time may be present – known as surf beat – causing infragravity wave radiation.

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