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- Noun

A device for letting off, releasing, or giving forth, as the warp from the cylinder of a loom.

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  • Set-off (architecture)

    In architecture and masonry, the term set-off is given to the horizontal line shown on a floorplan indicating a reduced wall thickness, and consequently the part of the thicker portion appears projecting before the thinner. In plinths, this is generally simply chamfered. In other parts of stonework, the set-off is generally concealed by a projecting stringer. Where, as in parapets, the upper part projects (is "proud of") the lower, the break is generally hid by a corbel watertable. The portions of buttress caps which recede one behind another are also called sets-off.

  • Set-off (law)

    In law, set-off or netting are legal techniques applied between persons with mutual rights and liabilities, replacing gross positions with net positions. It permits the rights to be used to discharge the liabilities where cross claims exist between a plaintiff and a respondent. The result being that the gross claims of mutual debt produces a single, net claim. The net claim is known as a net position . In other words, a set-off is the right of a debtor to balance mutual debts with a creditor. In bookkeeping terms, set-offs are also known as reconciliations. To determine a set-off, simply subtract the smaller debt from the larger.

  • Brett Leboff

    Brett Leboff (born 16 February 1979 in Watford, Hertfordshire, England ) is an artist manager and founder of Monumental Management UK.

  • Set-off

    Set-off may refer to:

  • Set-off (printing)

    In printing, set-off is the term given to the unwanted transfer of ink from one printed sheet to another. The problem can occur with most types of printing, and is avoided by the use of slipsheets between copies (so any ink transfer occurs onto discardable paper) or anti-set-off spray powder.

  • Set-off (disambiguation)

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