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- Noun

Anything read or recited to a teacher by a pupil or learner; something, as a portion of a book, assigned to a pupil to be studied or learned at one time.

- Noun

A portion of Scripture read in divine service for instruction; as, here endeth the first lesson.

- Noun

An exercise; a composition serving an educational purpose; a study.

- Noun

A severe lecture; reproof; rebuke; warning.

- Verb

To teach; to instruct.

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  • Lesson

    A lesson is a structured period of time where learning is intended to occur. It involves one or more students (also called pupils or learners in some circumstances) being taught by a teacher or instructor. A lesson may be either one section of a textbook (which, apart from the printed page, can also include multimedia ) or, more frequently, a short period of time during which learners are taught about a particular subject or taught how to perform a particular activity. Lessons are generally taught in a classroom but may instead take place in a situated learning environment.

  • Another Lesson in Violence

    Another Lesson in Violence

    Another Lesson in Violence is a live album by the thrash metal band Exodus.

  • Object lesson

    An object lesson is a teaching method that consists of using a physical object or visual aid as a discussion piece for a lesson.

  • The Final Lesson

    The Final Lesson

    The Final Lesson (French: La Dernière Leçon) is a 2015 French drama film directed by Pascale Pouzadoux and starring Sandrine Bonnaire and Marthe Villalonga. The film is based on the 2004 novel La Dernière Leçon by Noëlle Châtelet.

  • Saturday's Lesson

    Saturday's Lesson

    Saturday's Lesson is a 1929 Our Gang short silent comedy film directed by Robert F. McGowan. Produced by Hal Roach and released to theaters by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, it was the 93rd Our Gang short to be released, and the final silent film in the series. As with two previous silent Our Gang shorts, Little Mother and Cat, Dog & Co. , Saturday's Lesson was withheld until after several sound Our Gang films had been released.

  • A Lesson Is Learned but the Damage Is Irreversible

    A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible (ALILBTDII) was a webcomic drawn by David Hellman and written by Dale Beran. Ted Rall describes the comic as "explor[ing] the limits of pessimism and fatal consequence in a universe that would be difficult to imagine on the printed page." The comic was officially "on hiatus" from September 2006 to December 10, 2012, with the comic "I Name Thee Annihilator" ending the hiatus but ultimately being the penultimate entry in the series

  • History Lesson

    "History Lesson" is a science fiction short story by British writer Arthur C. Clarke, first published in 1949 in the magazine Startling Stories .

  • History Lesson New Years 1997

    History Lesson New Years 1997

    History Lesson New Years 1997 is the seventh Archive release by Athens, Georgia's Widespread Panic. The performance was recorded live at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, Georgia on December 31, 1997. The multi-track recordings featured all original band members including late guitarist Michael Houser.

  • Emmanuelle 3: A Lesson in Love

    Emmanuelle 3: A Lesson in Love is a 1994 softcore television movie, which was directed by David Cove, and produced by Alain Siritzky, based on character by Emmanuelle Arsan. It was the third episode from the Emmanuelle in Space series.

  • The Hearts Filthy Lesson

    The Hearts Filthy Lesson

    "The Hearts Filthy Lesson" (no apostrophe in "Hearts" [sic]) is a song by David Bowie, from his 1995 album Outside , and issued as a single ahead of the album. It showcased Bowie's new, industrial -influenced sound. Lyrically, the single connects with the rest of the album, with Bowie offering a lament to "tyrannical futurist " Ramona A. Stone, a theme continued in subsequent songs. The song is also meant to confront Bowie's own perceptions about the ritual creation and degradation of art.

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