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- Noun Plural

A suborder of copepod Crustacea, including a large number of remarkable forms, mostly parasitic on fishes. The young, however, are active and swim freely. See Illustration in Appendix.

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  • Lernaeocera branchialis

    Lernaeocera branchialis

    Lernaeocera branchialis, sometimes called cod worm, is a parasite of marine fish, found mainly in the North Atlantic. It is a marine copepod which starts life as a small pelagic crustacean larva. It is among the largest of copepods, ranging in size from 2–3 millimetres when it matures as a copepodid larva to more than 40 millimetres (1.6 in) as an adult.

  • Lernaeocera


    Lernaeocera is a genus of marine copepods in the family Pennellidae, containing the following species:

  • Lernaean Forest

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