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- Noun

Having the form of a little chain; -- applied to bacteria when, as in multiplication by fission, they form a chain of filiform individuals.

- Noun

A genus of bacteria, characterized by having their filaments very long, slender, and indistinctly articulated.

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  • Leptothrix

    Leptothrix may refer to:

  • Leptothrix lopholea

    Leptothrix lopholea is a bacterium from the genus Leptothrix and family Comamonadaceae.

  • Leptothrix discophora

    Leptothrix discophora

    Leptothrix discophora is one of several species of Leptothrix, known for its sheath, and iron -, manganese -, and recently arsenic -removing properties.

  • Leptothrix (disambiguation)

  • Leptothrix (spider)

  • Leptothrix hardyi

    Leptothrix hardyi is a species of spider in the Linyphiidae family. It was first described in 1850 by John Blackwall. As of 2017, it is the sole species in the genus Leptothrix. It has a Palearctic distribution.

  • Leptothrix ochracea

    Leptothrix ochracea is a bacterium from the genus Leptothrix . It occurs in iron-rich fresh water and wetlands with only low concentrations of organic matter.

  • Leptothrix cholodnii

    Leptothrix cholodnii is a bacterium from the genus Leptothrix , which has the ability to oxidize Fe(II).

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