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- Noun

An eel-shaped ganoid fish of the order Dipnoi, having both gills and lungs. It inhabits the rivers of South America. The name is also applied to a related African species (Protopterus annectens). The lepidosirens grow to a length of from four to six feet. Called also doko.

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    Lepidosireniformes are an order of lungfish containing the families Lepidosirenidae (the South American lungfish) and Protopteridae (the African lungfish). Both of the two families are monogeneric, and the sole genus of the family Lepidosirenidae is also monospecific.

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    Epidosite (/ɪˈpɪdəsaɪt/) is a highly altered epidote and quartz bearing rock. It is the result of slow hydrothermal alteration or metasomatism of the basaltic sheeted dike complex and associated plagiogranites that occurs below the massive sulfide ore deposits which occur in ophiolites. Most epidosites represent the zone of intense metal leaching below and lateral to the sulfide deposits which is the result of convection of heated ocean water through the fractured basalts of the sheeted dikes. Some epidosites form by hydrothermal fluids exsolved from plagiogranitic magma. These epidosites contain allanite, a REE -rich member of the epidote group.

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