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- Noun

One of an extinct family of trees allied to the modern club mosses, and including Lepidodendron and its allies.

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  • Lepidodendron

    Lepidodendron – also known as the scale trees – is an extinct genus of primitive, vascular, tree

  • Sigillaria

    . It was a lycopodiophyte, and is related to the lycopsids, or club-mosses, but even more closely to quillworts, as was its associate Lepidodendron.

  • Dendrerpeton

    and Ireland. They are generally found associated with hollows of the Lepidodendron and Sigillaria tree

  • Fossil Grove

    . It was discovered in 1887 and contains the fossilised stumps and roots of eleven extinct Lepidodendron trees

  • Stigmaria

    the underground rooting structures of coal forest lycopsid trees such as Sigillaria and Lepidodendron

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