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- Verb

To affect with leprosy.

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  • Peperite

    A peperite is a type of volcaniclastic rock consisting of sedimentary rock that contains fragments of younger igneous material and is formed when magma comes into contact with wet sediments. The term was originally used to describe rocks from the Limagne region of France, from the similarity in appearance of the granules of dark basalt in the light-coloured limestone to black pepper. Typically the igneous fragments are glassy and show chilled-margins to the sedimentary matrix, distinguishing them from clasts with a sedimentary origin.

  • Erkan Teper

    Erkan Teper (born 18 June 1982) is a German professional boxer. He held the European heavyweight title in 2015, but was stripped by the EBU for failing a drug test.

  • Tim Peper

    Timothy W. "Tim" Peper (born October 4, 1980, Nyack, New York) is an American film, television and stage actor.

  • Neper (mythology)

    In ancient Egyptian religion, Neper (alts. Nepra or Nepri) was a god of grain. His female counterpart was Nepit, the goddess of grain. His consort may have been Tayt, the goddess of weaving.

  • Meeri Räisänen

    Meeri Räisänen (born 2 December 1989 in Tampere) is a Finnish ice hockey goaltender who plays with the Finnish national team and AIK of the Swedish Women's Hockey League (SDHL).

  • Neperigea

    Neperigea is a genus of moths of the family Noctuidae. The Neperigea was first discovered by Tyler Parks in 1967.

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