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- Noun

A sterile transformed stamen.

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  • List of cricket grounds in Nepal

    This is a list of cricket grounds in Nepal. There are 69 grounds in Nepal with 21 turf wickets. International matches are played mostly at the Tribhuvan University International Cricket Ground. A new state-of-the-art ground is under construction at Mulpani, Kathmandu.

  • Queen Aishwarya of Nepal

    Queen Aishwarya of Nepal

    Aishwarya Rajya Laxmi Devi Shah (Nepali: ऐश्वर्या राज्य लक्ष्मी देवी शाह) (7 November 1949 – 1 June 2001) was the Queen of Nepal from 1972 to 2001, also referred as Bada Maharani . She was the wife and the second cousin of King Birendra and the mother of Crown Prince Dipendra, Prince Nirajan, and Princess Shruti. She was the eldest among the three daughters of late General Kendra Shumsher Jang Bahadur Rana and Shree Rajya Lakshmi Devi Shah in Lazimpat Durbar, Lazimpat, Kathmandu.

  • Net TV Nepal

    Net TV Nepal

    NetTV Nepal is the first MobileOTT IPTV application in Nepal started by Kamal Adhikari of New IT Venture, Japan and WorldLink Communications and Vianet Communications. NET TV is a subsidiary of NITV Streamz Pvt Ltd which is located in Kathmandu.

  • Ilam, Nepal

    Ilam, Nepal

    Ilam (Nepali: इलाम Listen ) is one of four urban municipalities of Ilam District, which is in the hilly region of Province No. 1. Ilam also acts as the headquarters of Ilam District. Geographically it lies in the hill region which is mostly known as Mahabharata range. It is also one of the important towns in Province No. 1 and one of the major places in Nepal for tea-production. It is famous for natural scenery and landscapes, tea production, and diverse agricultural economy. It is one of the major horticultural crop production districts of Nepal.

  • Walnut production in Nepal

    The walnut (Jugans spp.) is a softwood tree grown and used worldwide for medicinal purposes, for its timber, and most for its eponymous fruit. The walnut species found in Nepal is Juglans regia , which is known locally as okhar.

  • Sikhism in Nepal

    Neapalese Sikhs first entered Nepal in the 18th century. Today, there is a small community of Sikhs living in Nepal, totaling around 7,000 people according to the 2011 census.

  • Prabhu Nepal

    Prabhu Nepal (born 5 September 1973, South Africa) is a filmmaker. He's won numerous awards for his programs in Singapore and Malaysia.

  • Nepal Airlines

    Nepal Airlines

    Nepal Airlines Corporation (Nepali: नेपाल वायुसेवा निगम), formerly known as Royal Nepal Airlines (Nepali: शाही नेपाल वायुसेवा), is the flag carrier of Nepal. Founded in 1958, it is the oldest airline of the country. Out of its main base at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, the airline operates domestic services within Nepal and medium-haul services in Asia. The airline's first aircraft was a Douglas DC-3, used to serve domestic routes and a handful of destinations in India. The airline acquired its first jet aircraft, Boeing 727s, in 1972. As of 25 August 2019, the airline operates a fleet of thirteen aircraft. Since 2013, the airline has been on the list of air carriers banned in the European Union.

  • Nagi, Nepal

    Nagi may refer to:

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