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- Noun

A tree; the mastic. See Mastic.

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  • Matthew Lentink

    Matthew Lentink (born 18 August 1993) is an Aruban footballer who plays for VV Kloetinge and the Aruba national football team.

  • Lentisphaera araneosa

    Lentisphera araneosa is a marine bacteria strain in the bacterial phylum Lentisphaerae. They are able to produce viscous transparent exopolymers and grow attached to each other by the polymer in a three-dimensional configuration. They are part of the natural surface bacterial population in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. They are less than 1% of the total bacterial community. This species is gram negative, non-motile, non-pigmented, aerobic, chemoheterotrophic, and facultatively oligotrophic sphere-shaped. Its genome has been sequenced.

  • Bicilia lentistrialis

    Bicilia lentistrialis is a moth in the family Crambidae. It was described by Paul Dognin in 1906. It is found in Paraguay.

  • Ascochyta fabae f.sp. lentis

    Ascochyta fabaelentis is a plant pathogen that causes ascochyta blight on lentil.

  • Miller and Lents

    Miller and Lents, Ltd. is a petroleum consulting company based in Houston, Texas. The firm provides services including reserves certifications, audits, and independent evaluations. They prepare evaluations according to the standards of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Regulation S-X and the Petroleum Resources Management System (PRMS) published by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).

  • Persistent tunica vasculosa lentis

    Persistent tunica vasculosa lentis

    Persistent tunica vasculosa lentis is a congenital ocular anomaly. It is a form of persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous (PHPV).

  • Reinaldo Lenis

    Reinaldo Lenis Montes (born July 20, 1992) is a Colombian footballer currently playing for Banfield

  • Rhizobium lentis

    Rhizobium lentis is a gram-negative bacterium which was isolated from root nodules of lentils in Bangladesh.

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