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- Noun

Of or pertaining to the fast called Lent; used in, or suitable to, Lent; as, the Lenten season.

- Noun

Spare; meager; plain; somber; unostentatious; not abundant or showy.

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  • San Pedro Cutud Lenten Rites

    The San Pedro Cutud Lenten Rites is a Holy Week re-enactment of Christ's Passion and Death which takes place in Barangay San Pedro Cutud, City of San Fernando, Pampanga in the Philippines.

  • Ruben Lenten

    Ruben Lenten (born 30 March 1988) is a Dutch professional kite surfer who has won the Red Bull King of the Air in 2005.

  • Dutch Lenten Campaign Foundation

    Dutch Lenten Campaign Foundation is the Roman Catholic aid agency for the Netherlands. In Dutch: “Stichting Bisschoppelijke Vastenaktie Nederland”. The foundation is supported by the local churches here and in developing countries. The organization campaigns in cooperation with private initiatives, especially during the Advent period before Christmas and the Lenten period before Easter.

  • Lenten Moon (horse)

    Lenten Moon is a racing horse owned by Alston Pitzer Thoroughbred LLC. She was sired by Ole Rebel with Sardinia as the dam.

  • Lenten sacrifice

    The Lenten sacrifice refers to a pleasure or luxury that Christians (especially Anglicans, Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists, Moravians and the Reformed ) give up for the liturgical season of Lent, which starts on Ash Wednesday annually. The tradition of the Lenten sacrifice has its roots in Jesus fasting for forty days in the Judæn desert. When Lent is over and Easter Sunday arrives, the faithful are able to indulge in what they sacrificed during the Lenten season.

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