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- Noun

A lenitive; an emollient.

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  • Lenient Obia

    Lenient Obia (born 1 August 1977) is a Nigerian former swimmer, who specialized in backstroke events. Obia qualified for the women's 100 m backstroke at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, by receiving a Universality place from FINA, in an entry time of 1:09.69. She topped the first heat against Honduras' Ana Galindo and Turkmenistan's Yelena Rojkova in 1:09.95, just 0.26 of a second off her entry time. Obia failed to advance into the semifinals, as she placed thirty-ninth overall in the preliminaries.

  • Lenient (horse)

    Lenient is a racing horse. She was sired by Mt. Livermore with Slew And Easy as the dam.

  • Leniently (horse)

    Leniently is a racing horse owned by IEAH Stables. She was sired by Langfuhr with Itsoeasy as the dam.

  • Nicolas de Lenfent

    Nicolas de Lenfent, nicknamed Nicki is a fictional character in Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles series. He is introduced as the friend and lover of Lestat de Lioncourt, whom he befriends while still human in his town of origin.

  • Lenie Passage

    Lenie Passage (64°44′S 64°23′W ) is a northwest–southeast passage 1 nautical mile (2 km) wide between the Gossler Islands and the Joubin Islands in the Palmer Archipelago, Antarctica. It was named by the Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names for Pieter J. Lenie, Master of the RV Hero in 1972–73 and 1973–74. Lenie is believed to be first to navigate and carry out sounding of this passage, in the Hero in January and February 1973.

  • Amar Lenin

    Amar Lenin

    Amar Lenin (Bengali: আমার লেনিন, subtitle: My Lenin) is a 1970 black and white documentary film directed by film director Ritwik Ghatak made for Government of West Bengal in the centenary year (1970) of the birth of Vladimir Lenin.

  • Leninets-class submarine

    Leninets-class submarine

    The Leninets or L class were the second class of submarines to be built for the Soviet Navy. They were minelaying submarines and were based on the British L-class submarine, HMS L55, which was sunk during the British intervention in the Russian Civil War. Some experience from the previous Dekabrist-class submarines was also utilised. The boats were of the saddle tank type and mines were carried in two stern galleries as pioneered on the pre-war Krab, the world's first minelaying submarine. These boats were considered successful by the Soviets and 25 were built in four groups between 1931 and 1941. Groups 3 and 4 had more powerful engines and higher speed.

  • Demolition of monuments to Vladimir Lenin in Ukraine

    The demolition of monuments to Vladimir Lenin in modern Ukraine started during the fall of the Soviet Union. During Euromaidan it has become a widespread phenomenon and dubbed by Ukrainians Leninopad (Ленінопад), a pun literally translated as "Leninfall", with the coinage of "xxx"+"пад" being akin to English "xxx" + "fall" as in "waterfall", "snowfall", etc.

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