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- Noun

A preliminary or auxiliary proposition demonstrated or accepted for immediate use in the demonstration of some other proposition, as in mathematics or logic.

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  • Burnside's lemma

    Burnside's lemma, sometimes also called Burnside's counting theorem, the Cauchy–Frobenius lemma

  • Itô's lemma

    In mathematics, Itô's lemma is an identity used in Itô calculus to find the differential of a time

  • Kőnig's lemma

    Kőnig's lemma or Kőnig's infinity lemma is a theorem in graph theory due to the Hungarian

  • Calderón–Zygmund lemma

    In mathematics, the Calderón–Zygmund lemma is a fundamental result in Fourier analysis, harmonic

  • Farkas' lemma

    Farkas' lemma is a solvability theorem for a finite system of linear inequalities in mathematics

  • Yoneda lemma

    In mathematics, specifically in category theory, the Yoneda lemma is an abstract result on functors

  • Zorn's lemma

    Zorn's lemma, also known as the Kuratowski–Zorn lemma, after mathematicians Max Zorn and Kazimierz

  • Five lemma

    lemma can be thought of as a combination of two other theorems, the four lemmas, which are dual to each other.

  • Gauss's lemma

    Gauss's lemma can mean any of several lemmas named after Carl Friedrich Gauss: * Gauss's lemma

  • Lindström–Gessel–Viennot lemma

    In mathematics, the Lindström–Gessel–Viennot lemma provides a way to count the number of tuples

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