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- Noun

Specifically, a supporter of the claims of the elder branch of the Bourbon dynasty to the crown of France.

- Noun

One who supports legitimate authority; esp., one who believes in hereditary monarchy, as a divine right.

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  • Legitimist Party (Nicaragua)

    The Legitimist Party (Spanish: Partido Legitimista, PL) was a conservative Nicaraguan political party in the 19th century. The power base of the Legitimist Party was in Granada. The Legitimists were opposed to the Democrats. After several years of civil war between the Legitimists and the Democrats, a provisional government was established in June 1857 which had as its joint leaders the legitimist Tomás Martínez and the democrat Máximo Jerez.

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    The National Legitimist (People's) Party (Hungarian: Nemzeti Legitimista Néppárt, NLN) was a Catholic political party in Hungary during the 1930s.

  • Legitimist pretender to the Vietnamese throne

    Legitimist pretender to the Vietnamese throne

    Prince Nguyễn Phúc Bảo Ân (born November 3, 1952, in Đà Lạt, Vietnam ) is the youngest son of Emperor Bảo Đại and concubine Lê Thị Phi Ánh. He succeeded as head of the Nguyễn dynasty following the death of his half brother, Bảo Thắng, on 15 March 2017, since Bảo Thắng had no children.

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    Legitimists may refer to:

  • Irish legitimism

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