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- Verb

To lighten; to allay.

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  • Legge

    Legge is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Michael Legge (comedian)

    Michael Legge (comedian)

    Michael Legge (born 12 August 1968) is a London-based Northern-Irish stand-up comedian and television host. He has written for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, MTV, VH1 and other media, and has appeared in numerous venues throughout the UK as well as in Australia, United States, Canada, Singapore, the Netherlands, Germany and Dubai. Legge has also performed warm-up for television shows such as 8 Out of 10 Cats , Would I Lie to You? and many others. Before becoming a professional comedian, Legge featured in several TV commercials.

  • Edward Legge

    Edward Legge may refer to:

  • Edward Legge (Royal Navy officer)

    Edward Legge FRS (1710 – 19 September 1747) was an officer of the Royal Navy who achieved a distinction when he was returned as member of parliament for Portsmouth on 15 December 1747 – an honour which meant little to him as he had died 87 days before.

  • Alexander Legge

    Alexander Legge (1866–1933) was a prominent American business executive, serving as president of International Harvester from 1922-1933. He performed public service during World War I on the War Industries Board and at the Versailles Peace Conference, and again during the Great Depression on the Federal Farm Board.

  • Nathan Legge

    Nathan Legge

    Nathan Legge is a soccer player from Bristol who plays as a forward.

  • William Kaye Legge

    William Kaye Legge

    Brigadier General William Kaye Legge CMG DSO (1869-1946) was a senior British Army officer during the First World War.

  • William Vincent Legge

    William Vincent Legge

    Colonel William Vincent Legge (2 September 1841 – 25 March 1918) was an Australian soldier and an ornithologist who documented the birds of Sri Lanka. Legge's hawk-eagle is named after him as is Legges Tor, the second highest peak in Tasmania.

  • H. Dormer Legge

    Major Harold Dormer Legge TD (21 October 1890 – 1982) was a British Army officer and philatelist specialising in the stamps of Australia.

  • Laura Legge

    Laura Legge, QC (January 27, 1923 –October 5, 2010) was a recipient of the Order of Ontario in 2003.

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