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- Noun

A testator; one who bequeaths a legacy.

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  • Levator muscle

    Levator muscle can refer to:

  • Tino Lagator

    Tino Lagator

    Tino Lagator (Chinese: 拉加度, born 14 September 1987) is a Croatian football player who currently plays for SC Hessen Dreieich in Germany. He previously played for NK Dugopolje in the Druga HNL.

  • Regator

    Regator is a curated blog directory and search engine. Founded in 2007 by Scott Lockhart, Chris Turner, and Kimberly Turner and going live with in August 2008, Regator LLC also produces Regator Breaking News and the Regator iPhone App for iOS. The API platform also allows for detailed trend tracking and analyzing text. The Breaking News app regularly breaks stories faster than news outlets such as CNN,, the Huffington Post , and Twitter trending topics.

  • Levator claviculae muscle

    In human anatomy, the levator claviculae is a very rare accessory and vestigial skeletal muscle in the posterior triangle of the neck. It originates on the transverse processes of the upper cervical vertebrae and is inserted in the lateral half of the clavicle. Though a supernumerary muscle present in only 2–3% of all people, it is not an abnormality but a variant of normal human anatomy with an atavistic character.

  • Levator muscle of thyroid gland

    Levator muscle of thyroid gland

    A fibrous or muscular band is sometimes found attached, above, to the body of the hyoid bone, and below to the thyroid isthmus, or its pyramidal lobe. When muscular, it is termed the Levator muscle of thyroid gland.

  • Negator

    Negator can mean any of the following:

  • Exuperius negator

    Exuperius is a monotypic snout moth genus described by Carl Heinrich in 1956. Its only species, Exuperius negator, described in the same publication, is found in Peru.

  • Lagator Hall

    Lagator Hall (Serbian: Hala Lagator, Serbian Cyrillic: Хала Лагатор) is an indoor arena in Loznica. It has a capacity of 2236 people. It was finished in 1984. It is the home arena of KK Loznica.

  • Levator scapulæ

  • Levator ani nerve

    Levator ani nerve is a nerve to levator ani muscles. It originates from sacral spinal nerve 4.

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