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- Noun

Strictness, or the doctrine of strictness, in conforming to law.

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  • Legalism

    Legalism may refer to:

  • Legalism (chinese philosophy)

  • Liberal legalism

    In politics and law, liberal legalism is a belief that politics should be constrained by legal constitutional boundaries. Liberal legalism has also been called legal constitutionalism, such as is found in United States and Germany, with political constitutionalism, which is more typical of Britain, by British constitutional scholar Adam Tomkins. He argues in his book Our Republican Constitution that the British system of governance, in which Parliament controls government ministers, provides a better check on executive power than a system like that of the United States, where courts and laws are used to check executive power.

  • Aggressive legalism

    In the context of globalization and the subsequent proliferation of free trade agreements (FTAs), legal scholars generally refer to the political strategy used by a sovereign state to leverage a trade agreement’s substantive rules to counter behavior it deems unreasonable by its trading partners, as aggressive legalism.

  • Legalism (philosophy)

  • Li Kui (legalism)

  • Legalism (disambiguation)

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