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- Noun

A board, or frame of planks, lowered over the side of a vessel to lessen her leeway when closehauled, by giving her greater draught.

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  • Leeboard

    A leeboard is a form of pivoting keel used by a sailboat in lieu of a fixed keel. Typically mounted in pairs on each side of a hull, leeboards function much like a centreboard, allowing shallow draft craft to ply waters fixed keel boats cannot. Only one, however, the leeward, is used at a time, as it does not get lifted from the water when the boat heels under the force of the wind.


    SEEBOARD, formerly South Eastern Electricity Board (SEEB), was a British electricity company. The electrical power industry in the United Kingdom was nationalised by the Electricity Act 1947, when over 600 electric power companies were merged into twelve Area Boards, one of which was the South Eastern Electricity Board. It acquired the former Princes Hotel on the seafront in Hove, East Sussex, and converted it into its headquarters. The building was refurbished and substantially extended between 1979 and 1981.

  • BeeBoard

    BeeBoard is a physical electronic bulletin board system, for which a US patent was filed on 16 April 2015. BeeBoard is designed and marketed by General Enchantment, a technology startup company based in Newton Centre, Massachusetts . The company launched BeeBoard Granville, a modular bulletin board with a cork surface, a writing surface (of either a whiteboard or blackboard ) and a space for an iPadtablet computer at TechCrunch Disrupt New York 2016 , where the company also demoed its BeeBoard social media enabled digital signageMobile app for iOS . The product offering was reviewed by Michelle Fleury for BBC News and described by Jonathan Shieber , Senior Editor of TechCrunch as a "genius idea"

  • Seaboard Football League

    The Seaboard Football League was a minor American football league that operated from 1971 to 1974. It folded during the 1974 season as a result of the founding of the World Football League, which deprived the league of talent.

  • Seaboard Air Line Depot

    The Seaboard Air Line Depot can refer to the following former and active train stations previously used by the Seaboard Air Line Railroad, many of which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places:

  • Seaboard Milling Company

    Seaboard Milling Company

    Seaboard Milling Company, also known as Seaboard Roller Mill and Broadway Roller Mills, is a historic roller mill located at Sanford, Lee County, North Carolina. It was built in 1915-1916, and is a three-story, brick building with a gable roof with stepped end parapets and traces of decorative exterior painting. It has a one-story metal-sided frame wing erected in two phases about 1920, and a one-story cinder-block office wing from the early 1950s.

  • Georgian Bay and Seaboard Railway

    The Georgian Bay and Seaboard Railway (GB&S) was a former short-line railway in Ontario, Canada, owned and operated by Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR). The first sections opened in 1908, and the entire 140 kilometres (87 mi) route was fully completed in 1912.

  • Seaboard International

    Seaboard International

    The Weir Group plc is an engineering company headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index. The company operates in over 70 countries employing approximately 14,000 people focused on mining, oil and gas and power markets.

  • Seaboard Air Line Railroad Passenger Station

    Seaboard Air Line Railroad Passenger Station

    Seaboard Air Line Railroad Passenger Station is a historic train station located at Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. It designed by architect Charles Christian Hook and built by the Seaboard Air Line Railroad in 1896. It was extensively renovated and enlarged in 1916-1917. The red brick and pink stucco building consists of a two-story central section with one-story extensions. It features a wide umbrella shed that extends 300 feet along the trackside and is supported by 15 cast iron columns. Passenger service ceased in 1958, and the building housed yard offices for the Seaboard Coastline. It currently houses a homeless shelter.

  • Seaboard Air Line 6113

    Seaboard Air Line 6113

    The Seaboard Air Line Dining Car-#6113 is a historic Seaboard Air Line Railroad dining car in Boca Raton, Florida. It has been restored, and is located at 747 South Dixie Highway, off U.S. 1, part of the Boca Express Train Museum. On April 5, 2001, it was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. It was originally built by the Budd Company in 1947 and could seat 48.

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