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- Noun

The development of the surface of a body on a plane, so that the dimensions of the different sides may be easily ascertained.

- Noun

A string-course or horizontal suit of moldings, such as the base moldings of a building.

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  • Legmen

    Legmen is an American drama series that aired on NBC on Friday nights from January 20 to March 16, 1984.

  • Zedge


    Zedge is a mobile content discovery platform and community where users can download content to customize their smartphones and other mobile devices. The app includes wallpapers, ringtones, alert tones, app icon customization, which is currently in its beta form, and which is only available for Android phones, and games on the Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms. Zedge has more than 170 million installs Android and iOS. The app uses a recommendation engine that analyzes anonymized user data in order to create smart suggestions for wallpaper, ringtone, and game downloads. IDT Corp. was majority investor in Zedge Holdings, the app's parent company, until mid-2016.

  • Segment descriptor

    In memory addressing for Intel x86 computer architectures, segment descriptors are a part of the segmentation unit, used for translating a logical address to a linear address. Segment descriptors describe the memory segment referred to in the logical address. The segment descriptor (8 bytes long in 80286) contains the following fields:

  • US Orbital Segment

    The US Orbital Segment (USOS) is the name given to the components of the International Space Station (ISS) constructed and operated by the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), European Space Agency (ESA), Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). The segment currently consists of eleven pressurized components and various external elements, all of which were delivered by the Space Shuttle.

  • Wedge prism

    The wedge prism is a prism with a shallow angle between its input and output surfaces. This angle is usually 3 degrees or less. Refraction at the surfaces causes the prism to deflect light by a fixed angle. When viewing a scene through such a prism, objects will appear to be offset by an amount that varies with their distance from the prism.

  • Intrastromal corneal ring segment

    Intrastromal corneal ring segment

    An intrastromal corneal ring segment (ICRS) (also known as intrastromal corneal ring, corneal implant or corneal insert) is a small device implanted in the eye to correct vision. The procedure involves an ophthalmologist who makes a small incision in the cornea of the eye and inserts two crescent or semi-circular shaped ring segments between the layers of the corneal stroma, one on each side of the pupil. The embedding of the two rings in the cornea is intended to flatten the cornea and change the refraction of light passing through the cornea on its way into the eye.

  • Anterior segment mesenchymal dysgenesis

    Anterior segment mesenchymal dysgenesis

    Anterior segment mesenchymal dysgenesis, or simply anterior segment dysgenesis (ASD), is a failure of the normal development of the tissues of the anterior segment of the eye. It leads to anomalies in the structure of the mature anterior segment, associated with an increased risk of glaucoma and corneal opacity.

  • Segment tree

    In computer science, a segment tree also known as a statistic tree is a tree data structure used for storing information about intervals, or segments. It allows querying which of the stored segments contain a given point. It is, in principle, a static structure; that is, it's a structure that cannot be modified once it's built. A similar data structure is the interval tree.

  • Spherical segment

    In geometry, a spherical segment is the solid defined by cutting a sphere with a pair of parallel planes.

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