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- Noun

Taking of leave; parting compliments.

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    Leave-Taking EP is an EP by Damon Albarn, Tony Allen and Flea under the name Rocket Juice & the Moon.

  • Devetaki

    Devetaki is a village in Lovech Municipality, Lovech Province, northern Bulgaria.

  • Devetaki Peak

    Devetaki Peak (Bulgarian: връх Деветаки, ‘Vrah Devetaki’ 'vr&h de-ve-'ta-ki) is the rocky peak rising to 1100 m in Austa Ridge on Oscar II Coast in Graham Land. It surmounts Chernoochene Glacier to the north and east, and Spillane Fjord to the south. The feature is named after the settlement of Devetaki in Northern Bulgaria.

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