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- Noun

An imitation of leather, made of paper and cloth.

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  • Warm Leatherette (album)

    Warm Leatherette (album)

    Warm Leatherette is the fourth studio album by Grace Jones, released on 9 May 1980 by Island Records. The album features contributions from the reggae production duo Sly and Robbie and is a departure from Jones' earlier disco sound, moving towards a new wave -reggae direction.

  • Warm Leatherette (song)

  • Warm Leatherette

    "Warm Leatherette" is a song by Daniel Miller's project The Normal, released in 1978.

  • Heatherette


    Heatherette was an American fashion company that closed in 2008. It was founded in 1999 by Club Kid Richie Rich and Traver Rains. The pair first began designing T-shirts and leather goods. When Rich wore one of their leather tops to a party, he caught the attention of a buyer at the downtown store Patricia Field.

  • Letherette (Album)

  • Letherette


    Letherette is an electronic music production duo, consisting of Richard Roberts and Andrew Harber. They released their debut album Letherette through their current label Ninja Tune in 2013, and have previously released material on Ho Tep Records.

  • Letherette (album)

    Letherette (album)

    Letherette is the first studio album by English producers Letherette. It was released on 15 April 2013 by Ninja Tune.

  • Mark Letheren

    Mark Vincent Letheren (born 6 February 1971) is an English actor possibly best known for his roles as journalist Simon Kitson in ITV's drama The Bill , as Ben Harding in the BBC One drama Casualty and for his recurring role as DS Kevin Geoffries in Wire in the Blood .

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