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- Noun

A brace and a half; a tierce; three; three creatures of any kind, especially greyhounds, foxes, bucks, and hares; hence, the number three in general.

- Noun

A thong of leather, or a long cord, by which a falconer holds his hawk, or a courser his dog.

- Noun

A string with a loop at the end for lifting warp threads, in a loom.

- Verb

To tie together, or hold, with a leash.

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    A leash (also called a lead, lead line or tether) is a rope or similar material used to control an animal by attaching to it or to a separate object on it; some leashes clip or tie to a collar, harness, or halter, while others go directly around the animal's neck or head.

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    At the End of My Leash is a reality television program starring Brad Pattison. In the United States, At the End of My Leash aired in the late Summer/Fall 2009 under the title In the Dog House on Animal Planet.

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    Paddle leash

    A paddle leash may be used for securing a paddle in open water with a sea kayak. Especially on solo tours after capsizing a paddle might drift away through wind or waves and not be recovered. A paddle leash must not be used in whitewater kayaking due to the danger of getting strangled.

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    "Leash Called Love" is a song written and recorded by the Icelandic band The Sugarcubes for their 1992 album Stick Around for Joy , and their follow up to their number one Billboard Modern Rock Tracks single "Hit". The track dealt with the subject of a woman's vow to break free from the emotional and physical abuse from her lover, hence the song's title. The song would also be the group's final single release before their break up in 1993.

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    Monster on a Leash is an album by Tower of Power released in 1991. It was their debut on Epic Records (sister label to Columbia Records which they were previously signed with). This album is considered a return-to-form for the band and debuts lead vocalist Tom Bowes, thus far the only T.O.P. lead vocalist to be of Caucasian descent (Previous vocalists were all African American before Bowes).

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