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- Noun

The knowledge or skill received by instruction or study; acquired knowledge or ideas in any branch of science or literature; erudition; literature; science; as, he is a man of great learning.

- Noun

The acquisition of knowledge or skill; as, the learning of languages; the learning of telegraphy.

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  • Learning


    Learning is the act of acquiring new, or modifying and reinforcing, existing knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, or preferences and may involve synthesizing different types of information. The ability to learn is possessed by humans, animals, plants and some machines. Progress over time tends to follow a learning curve. It does not happen all at once, but builds upon and is shaped by previous knowledge. To that end, learning may be viewed as a process, rather than a collection of factual and procedural knowledge. Learning produces changes in the organism and the changes produced are relatively permanent.

  • Georgia Library Learning Online

    Georgia Library Learning Online, more commonly known as GALILEO, is a virtual library operated by the University System of Georgia. There are over 100 core databases available, offering full text access to journals, magazines, e-books, government information, primary documents, and more. The Digital Library of Georgia is also part of the GALILEO system.

  • Leisure Learning Unlimited

    Leisure Learning Unlimited, Inc. is a privately owned continuing-education firm in Houston, Texas, which after operating for nearly four decades, ceased to function normally during the first quarter of 2017. Established in 1979 by Ted Weisgal and Kathy Kamin, Leisure Learning Unlimited (LLU) offered non-credit courses for people interested in taking up new hobbies, getting exercise and recreation, enhancing their careers, and socializing. The face-to-face classes stopped and the online classes were supposed to be offered by a new business.

  • Learning alliance

    A learning alliance is a diverse network of individuals committed to improving knowledge on a specific research topic. Learning alliances are often made up of small networks of public, private and/or civil society actors seeking to further social or political change.

  • Ashburton Learning Village

    Ashburton Learning Village

    Ashburton Learning Village is a learning complex in Woodside, Greater London. It stands in the London Borough of Croydon, and is located near Ashburton Park. The learning village includes Ashburton Library, Oasis Academy Shirley Park, Croydon Music Service and a CALAT training centre. The complex was built after the old Ashburton Library was closed down. The nearest Tramlink stop is Woodside. The centre is earmarked as Croydon's Flagship Learning Village.

  • Learning from Falling

    Learning from Falling

  • Brandon Learning Centre

    The Brandon Learning Centre is the first school in Hong Kong to offer public speaking classes based around English Speaking Board assessments. The English Speaking Board was founded in 1954 and the qualifications are regulated by the UK Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation

  • Pre-school Learning Alliance

    The Pre-school Learning Alliance (PLA) is an early-years educational registered charity and a voluntary sector provider of childcare for young children in England.

  • Occam learning

    In computational learning theory, Occam learning is a model of algorithmic learning where the objective of the learner is to output a succinct representation of received training data. This is closely related to probably approximately correct (PAC) learning, where the learner is evaluated on its predictive power of a test set.

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