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- Noun

The knowledge or skill received by instruction or study; acquired knowledge or ideas in any branch of science or literature; erudition; literature; science; as, he is a man of great learning.

- Noun

The acquisition of knowledge or skill; as, the learning of languages; the learning of telegraphy.

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  • Learning


    Learning is the act of acquiring new, or modifying and reinforcing, existing knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, or preferences and may involve synthesizing different types of information. The ability to learn is possessed by humans, animals, plants and some machines. Progress over time tends to follow a learning curve. It does not happen all at once, but builds upon and is shaped by previous knowledge. To that end, learning may be viewed as a process, rather than a collection of factual and procedural knowledge. Learning produces changes in the organism and the changes produced are relatively permanent.

  • Center for Advanced Operational Culture Learning

    The Center for Advanced Operational Culture Learning (CAOCL) is a TECOM directorate and the USMC center of excellence for operational culture and language familiarization. CAOCL is tasked with ensuring that Marines are regionally focused, globally prepared, and effective at navigating and influencing culturally complex 21st-century operating environments. CAOCL provides operationally relevant products and services and accomplishes its mission by ensuring a comprehensive response to the Corps’ needs through various means.

  • Conflict-Driven Clause Learning

    In computer science, conflict-driven clause learning (CDCL) is an algorithm for solving the Boolean satisfiability problem (SAT). Given a Boolean formula, the SAT problem asks for an assignment of variables so that the entire formula evaluates to true. The internal workings of CDCL SAT solvers were inspired by DPLL solvers.

  • Social Media Language Learning

    Daily observations and recent scholarly traditions suggest that a certain amount of learning takes place beyond the confines of the individual mind. Research has shown that language acquisition and learning is socially constructed and interactive in nature. According to the theory of language socialization, language learning is interwoven with cultural interaction and "mediated by linguistic and other symbolic activity". From this perspective, the use of technologies that facilitate communication and connection, particularly social media applications and programs, makes a lot of sense. Language learners are able to enhance their language skills due to the different avenues in which new social media have created.

  • Psychomotor learning

    Psychomotor learning is the relationship between cognitive functions and physical movement. Psychomotor learning is demonstrated by physical skills such as movement, coordination, manipulation, dexterity, grace, strength, speed—actions which demonstrate the fine or gross motor skills, such as use of precision instruments or tools, and walking.

  • Georgia Library Learning Online

    Georgia Library Learning Online, more commonly known as GALILEO, is a virtual library operated by the University System of Georgia. There are over 100 core databases available, offering full text access to journals, magazines, e-books, government information, primary documents, and more. The Digital Library of Georgia is also part of the GALILEO system.

  • Four Cs of 21st century learning

    Four Cs of 21st century learning

    The Four Cs of 21st century learning , also known as the Four Cs or 4 Cs , are four skills that have been identified by the United States-based Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21) as the most important skills required for 21st century education: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

  • Higher Learning (soundtrack)

    Higher Learning (soundtrack)

    Music from the Motion Picture Higher Learning is the soundtrack to John Singleton's 1995 film Higher Learning . It was released on January 3, 1995 through Epic Records and contained a mixture of different music genres including hip hop, R&B and rock music. The soundtrack did fairly well on the Billboard charts, peaking at #39 on the Billboard 200 and #9 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.

  • Learning to rank

    Learning to rank or machine-learned ranking (MLR) is the application of machine learning, typically supervised, semi-supervised or reinforcement learning, in the construction of ranking models for information retrieval systems. Training data consists of lists of items with some partial order specified between items in each list. This order is typically induced by giving a numerical or ordinal score or a binary judgment (e.g. "relevant" or "not relevant") for each item. The ranking model's purpose is to rank, i.e. produce a permutation of items in new, unseen lists in a way which is "similar" to rankings in the training data in some sense.

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