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- Noun

One who learns; a scholar.

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  • First Order Inductive Learner

    In machine learning, first-order inductive learner (FOIL) is a rule-based learning algorithm.

  • Learner Building

    Learner Building

    Learner Building is a historic commercial building located in Kokomo, Indiana. It was built by John Wesley Learner around 1904, and is a two-story, red brick building with a sloping flat roof. Learner was a prominent businessman in Kokomo, though he himself never had a business in the building. The Learner Building is 11 bays wide and has three commercial storefronts. It is a good example of late-19th century commercial architecture and features bold vertical brick patterns and limestone coursing. []

  • Individualised Learner Record

    The Individualised Learner Record (ILR) is the primary data collection about further education and work-based learning in England. It is requested from learning providers in England's further education system. The data is used widely, most notably by the government to monitor policy implementation and the performance of the sector, and by organisations that allocate FE funding.

  • Man to Man with Dean Learner

    Man to Man with Dean Learner

    Man to Man with Dean Learner is a British comedy chat show that was first broadcast on Channel 4 on 20 October 2006 and released on DVD on 3 September 2007. It features comedians Richard Ayoade and Matthew Holness.

  • Coupled pattern learner

    Coupled Pattern Learner (CPL) is a machine learning algorithm which couples the semi-supervised learning of categories and relations to forestall the problem of semantic drift associated with boot-strap learning methods.

  • The Red Balloon Learner Centres

    The Red Balloon Learner Centres

    Red Balloon Learner Centres, are UK specialist learner Centres providing a safe, full-time learning environment for children aged eleven to sixteen who have self excluded from mainstream school for reasons of being the victim of bullying, assault or trauma. The first Centre, in Cambridge, was set up in 1996. There are now five Centres: Cambridge, Norwich, North-West London, and Reading. There is also an online provision called "Red Balloon of the Air" whose aim is to provide a recovery programme online to children unable to access a physical Centre. Each Centre is a registered charity, as is Red Balloon Learner Centre Group, which provides centralised support for all Centres.

  • Weak learner

  • Machine Learner (horse)

    Machine Learner is a racing horse owned by Michael Geoghegan. She was bred by Bearstone Stud, Ltd. and sired by Sir Percy with My First Romance as the dam.

  • Kinesthetic learner

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