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- superl.

Permitting water or other fluid to leak in or out; as, a leaky roof or cask.

- superl.

Apt to disclose secrets; tattling; not close.

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    A leaky feeder is a communications system used in underground mining and other tunnel environments. Manufacturers and cabling professionals use the term "radiating cable" as this implies that the cable is designed to radiate: something that coaxial cable is not generally supposed to do.

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    In software development, a leaky abstraction is an abstraction that leaks details that it is supposed to abstract away.

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    Leaky-Wave Antenna (LWA) belong to the more general class of Traveling wave antenna, that use a traveling wave on a guiding structure as the main radiating mechanism. Traveling-wave antenna fall into two general categories, slow-wave antennas and fast-wave antennas, which are usually referred to as leaky-wave antennas.

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