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- Noun

A coarse American composite weed (Polymnia Uvedalia).

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    Texas leafcutter ant

    Atta texana is a fungus-farming ant species of the genus Atta , found in Texas, Louisiana and northeastern states of Mexico. Common names include town ant, parasol ant, fungus ant, Texas leafcutter ant, cut ant, and night ant. It harvests leaves from over 200 plant species, and is considered a major pest of agricultural and ornamental plants, as it can defoliate a citrus tree in less than 24 hours. Every colony has several queens and up to 2 million workers. Nests are built in well-drained sandy or loamy soil, and may reach a depth of 6 m (20 ft), have 1000 entrance holes, and occupy 420 m2 (4,500 sq ft).

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    Leafcutter is a racing horse owned by Khalid Rashid Saif Al Khayarin. She was bred by Sir Edmund J. Loder and sired by Shamardal with Bee Eater as the dam.

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