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- Noun

The man who heaves the lead.

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  • The Headsman: The Abbaye des Vignerons

    The Headsman: The Abbaye des Vignerons is an 1833 novel by James Fenimore Cooper set in Switzerland. The novel was inspired by one of Cooper's trips during his European travels in 1832. The novel is one of three of Cooper's "European" novels, following The Bravo and The Heidenmauer , all of which use the European setting to deal with socio-political contrast with American institutions.

  • Humid Limbs of the Torn Beadsman

    Humid Limbs of the Torn Beadsman

    Humid Limbs of the Torn Beadsman is the debut studio album of Abu Lahab, independently released on August 4, 2012. The album represented a mature synthesis of his influences, touching upon black metal, dark ambient, industrial, electronic and noise music.

  • The Headsman: or the Abbaye of Vigneron

  • The Headsman (2005 movie)

  • The Headsman

    The Headsman

    The Headsman (aka Shadow of the Sword, Au. Henker) is a 2005 film directed by Simon Aeby. Set in early 16th century Tyrol, it is set before the background of the turmoils of the Lutheran Reformation. It was filmed in Austria and Hungary.

  • Beadsman (horse)

    Beadsman (horse)

    Beadsman (1855–1872) was a British Thoroughbred racehorse and sire. In a career that lasted from July 1857 to June 1858, he ran seven times and won five races. He was unbeaten as a three-year-old and recorded his most important success in the 1858 Epsom Derby. He was retired to stud at the end of the season and became a successful stallion, siring the winners of several important races.

  • Beadsman

    Bedesman, or beadsman (Med. Eng. bede, prayer, from O. Eng. biddan, to pray; literally "a man of prayer"; and from Anglo Saxon "bed"), was generally a pensioner or almsman whose duty it was to pray for his benefactor.

  • Headsman (comics)

    Headsman is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. His apparent real name is Cleavon Twain (a play on the words "cleave in twain") though it's unclear if this is his actual birth name or simply an alias.

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