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- Noun Plural

The homeless idlers of Naples who live by chance work or begging; -- so called from the Hospital of St. Lazarus, which serves as their refuge.

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    Lazzaroni (pronounced [laddzaˈroːni]) is the brand name related to several biscuits and bakery products manufactured by the Italian company D. Lazzaroni & C. Spa.

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    Lazzaroni is an Italian brand of biscuits and cookies made by the company D. Lazzaroni & C. Spa.

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    In the Age of Revolution, the Lazzaroni (or Lazzari) of Naples were the poorest of the lower class (Italian lazzaroni or lazzari) in the city and kingdom of Naples, Italy. Described as "street people under a chief", they were often depicted as "beggars"—which some actually were, while others subsisted partly by service as messengers, porters, etc. No precise census of them was ever conducted, but contemporaries estimated their total number at around 50,000, and they had a significant role in the social and political life of the city (and of the kingdom of which Naples was the capital). They were prone to act collectively as crowds and mobs and follow the lead of demagogues, and proved formidable in periods of civil unrest and revolution.

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    Lazzaroni is an Italian surname. Notable people with the surname include:

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