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- Noun

Land lying untilled; fallow ground.

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  • Layland v Ontario (Minister of Consumer and Commercial Relations)

    Layland v Ontario (Minister of Consumer and Commercial Relations) was a 1993 case brought towards the Ontario Divisional Court (Superior Court ) after a same-sex couple was denied a marriage license at Ottawa City Hall. The two applicants sued the Ontario Minister responsible for the issuing of marriage licenses and the federal government on the grounds that the acknowledged common law prohibition of same-sex couples from marriage violated their rights under the Charter at section 15 which prohibits discrimination based on "sex".1

  • Layland, West Virginia

    Layland, West Virginia

    Layland is an unincorporated community in Fayette County, West Virginia, United States. Layland is located on West Virginia Route 41 6.5 miles (10.5 km) west-northwest of Meadow Bridge. Layland has a post office with ZIP code 25864.

  • Leyland Trucks

    Leyland Trucks

    Leyland Trucks is a medium and heavy duty truck manufacturer based in Leyland, England. It can trace its origins back to the original Leyland Motors, which was founded in 1896, and subsequently evolved into British Leyland. After British Leyland became the Rover Group in 1986, the truck business was spun out and merged with DAF Trucks to form DAF NV, operating as Leyland DAF in the United Kingdom.

  • Leyland B21

    Leyland B21

    The Leyland B21 was a bus chassis manufactured by Leyland between 1979 and 1985. The chassis was as used by the Leyland National and was designed for overseas markets. Its biggest market was Australia.

  • Leyland P76

    Leyland P76

    The Leyland P76 is a large car that was produced by Leyland Australia, the Australian subsidiary of British Leyland. Featuring what was described at the time as the "standard Australian wheelbase of 111 inches", it was intended to provide the company with a genuine rival to large local models like the Ford Falcon, the Holden Kingswood, and the Chrysler Valiant. But, due to the first real fuel crisis and demand far exceeding the supply, Leyland rushed the assembly process with the first of the P76s to come off the assembly line, resulting in poor build quality and some reliability problems. The combination of the rushed assembly, fuel crisis and strikes at the component manufacturers' factories, resulted in the Leyland P76 being labelled a lemon, despite receiving the Wheels magazine Car of the Year in 1973. By 1974, sales of the P76 had slumped and BMC decided to end the production of the P76. Although the P76 has been labelled a lemon in Australian motoring history, it has become an iconic Aussie car and has a loyal following.

  • Leyland number

    In number theory, a Leyland number is a number of the form

  • Wayland Formation

    The Wayland Formation is a geologic formation in Texas. It preserves fossils.

  • Marcus Wayland Beck

    Marcus Wayland Beck

    Marcus Wayland Beck (April 28, 1860 – January 21, 1943) was a Justice of the Supreme Court of Georgia from 1905–1937.

  • Wayland, Ohio

    Wayland is an unincorporated community in western Paris Township, Portage County, Ohio, United States. It is located at latitude 41.161 and longitude -81.071, with an elevation of 948 feet. Although it is unincorporated, it has a post office, with the ZIP code of 44285. The community is part of the Akron Metropolitan Statistical Area.

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