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- Noun

The first coat on laths of plasterer's two-coat work.

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  • Laying

    Laying is the skill of making equipment level. It usually involves moving equipment in small motions so that spirit levels are centralised in all planes. Movement is usually done by small worm gears or other fine setting devices for accurate small movements, together with other more coarse gears to allow large swings in motion for quick movement between different settings.

  • Laying worker bee

    A laying worker bee is a worker bee that lays unfertilized eggs, usually in the absence of a queen bee (cf gamergates in ants ). Only drones develop from the eggs of laying worker bees (with some exceptions, see thelytoky ). A beehive cannot survive with only a laying worker bee.

  • Aloe-class net laying ship

    Aloe-class net laying ship

    The Aloe were a class of thirty-two steel-hulled net laying ships built prior to the US entry into World War II. The lead ship, USS Aloe, was laid down in October 1940 and launched the following January; the final member, USS Yew, was launched in October 1941. They were assigned tree and plant names in alphabetical order, but eight ships (in order Cottonwood, Dogwood, Fir, Juniper, Maple, Poplar, Sycamore, and Walnut) were renamed prior to launching, producing discontinuities in the name order. These ships were originally classed as YN and numbered 1-32, but were reclassified and renumbered in 1944 as AN-6 through AN-37.

  • Laying on the table

    Laying on the table may refer to:

  • Laying Me Low

    Laying Me Low

    "Laying Me Low" is a song recorded by American recording artist David Cook. It was released as a single on April 30, 2013 through XIX Recordings and Cook's imprint Analog Heart Music. The song is also included on Cook's fourth studio album, Digital Vein (2015).

  • Laying Down the Law

    Laying Down the Law

    Trial by Jury, or Laying Down the Law as it is commonly known, is an oil-on-canvas painting from 1840 by the English painter Sir Edwin Landseer, which satirises the legal profession. It depicts dogs in the roles of members of the court with a French poodle centre stage as the judge. The painting was inspired by a chance comment by a judge, while at dinner with Landseer, that the French poodle belonging to amateur artist and renowned socialite, the Count d'Orsay, "would make a capital Lord Chancellor".

  • Wreath Laying Ceremony

  • Church of Laying Our Lady's Holy Robe

  • Laying on the table (disambiguation)

  • Regulation laying down measures to prohibit the release for free circulation, export, re-export or entry for a suspensive procedure of counterfeit and pirated goods

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