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- Noun

A legislator; a lawgiver.

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  • Lawmaker (horse)

    Lawmaker is a racing horse. She was sired by Round Table with Greek Victress as the dam.

  • Kenneth Chan (lawmaker)

  • Iftikhar Ahmed (Swiss lawmaker)

    Iftikhar Ahmed ( Bengali: ইফতেখার আহমেদ ), a development economist and author, is the first Bangladeshi born Swiss lawmaker. He is a former International Labour Organization (ILO) official.

  • Demonax (lawmaker)

    Demonax (Greek: Δημώναξ, Dēmōnax, gen .: Δημώνακτος) was an ancient Greek lawmaker of the style of Solon and Lycurgus, known for reforming the constitution of the Cyrenaeans.

  • Jackson Lawmakers

    The Jackson Lawmakers were a Cotton States League minor league baseball team based in Jackson, Mississippi that played during the 1913 season. Managed by Otto Mills, the team finished first in the league's standings. It featured players Rags Faircloth and Alex Malloy.

  • Warmaker (Comics Greatest World)

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