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- Noun

One who makes or enacts a law or system of laws; a legislator.

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  • Moses the Lawgiver

    Moses the Lawgiver

    Moses the Lawgiver, transmitted in 1973 and 1974, is a 6-hour British television miniseries which starred Burt Lancaster as Moses. It was an ITC /RAI co-production, filmed in Rome and on location in Israel and Morocco.

  • The Lawgiver

    The Lawgiver

    The Lawgiver is a 2012 novel by Herman Wouk (aged 97 at the time) depicting a fictional attempt to make a film about the biblical Moses. It is an epistolary novel, composed of traditional communications such as letters, memos, and articles, as well as utilizing more contemporary means like e-mails, text messages, and Skype transcripts.

  • Lawgiver (Judge Dredd)

    The Lawgiver is a fictional weapon used by the Judges in Judge Dredd and related series that appear in the UK comic books 2000 AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine , as well as the 1995 movie Judge Dredd and the 2012 film Dredd .

  • Moses the Lawgiver (novel)

    Moses the Lawgiver (novel)

    Moses the Lawgiver (1975) is a novel by Australian writer Thomas Keneally. The novel is based on the British television series "Moses the Lawgiver", for which Anthony Burgess wrote the script. [undefined]

  • Lawgiver (disambiguation)

    Lawgiver may refer to: A person who draws up, introduces, or enacts a code of laws for a nation or people, such as: Culture hero, a type of mythological figure Legislator, a person who writes and passes laws The Lawgiver, a 2012 novel relating to Moses, by Herman Wouk. Lawgiver (Judge Dredd), a fictional gun from the Judge Dredd comics and films The Lawgiver, a Planet of the Apes character See also Draco (lawgiver) Lycurgus of Sparta Numa Pompilius Moses <img src="//" alt="" title="" width="1" height="1" style="border: none; position: absolute;" />

  • Drakon (lawgiver)

  • Felim the lawgiver

  • Demonax (lawgiver)

  • Magnus the Lawgiver, King of Norway

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