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- Noun

A place or room where laundering is done.

- Noun

A laundering; a washing.

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  • Everglades Laundry

    Everglades Laundry

    The Everglades Laundry is a historic site at 105 West Broadway in Everglades City, Florida.

  • Dirty Laundry

    Dirty Laundry may refer to:

  • Home Laundry Company

    Home Laundry Company

    Home Laundry Company is a historic laundry building located at Bloomington, Monroe County, Indiana. The original section was built in 1922, and is a two-story, roughly square, red brick building. A one-story Moderne style wraparound addition was built in 1947-1948. It continued to house a laundry when listed in 2000. []

  • Dirty Laundry (2006 film)

    Dirty Laundry (2006 film)

    Dirty Laundry is a 2006 drama film written, directed, and starring Maurice Jamal. It was produced by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and distributed by Codeblack Entertainment. It is available on DVD and is rated PG-13.

  • The French Laundry Cookbook

    The French Laundry Cookbook

    The French Laundry Cookbook is a 1999 cookbook written by American chefs Thomas Keller, Michael Ruhlman, and Susie Heller; illustrated by Deborah Jones. The book features recipes from Keller's restaurant The French Laundry. It won the 2000 International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) Cookbook of the Year award, as well as the IACP's best designed cookbook and best first cookbook awards. The French Laundry Cookbook is in its sixteenth printing and has been printed over 400,000 times.

  • Royal Laundry

    The Royal Laundry & Dry Cleaning Works was a large laundering business located at 311-313 Fourth Avenue in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It was a well known community institution in Cedar Rapids for much of the 20th century.

  • Yale Steam Laundry

    Yale Steam Laundry

    The Yale Steam Laundry is a historic residence located on 437–443 New York Avenue, Northwest, Washington, D.C., in the Mount Vernon Square neighborhood.

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