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- Noun

The latter, or second, mowing; the aftermath.

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    Latterman is a semi-active four-piece punk rock band from Huntington, New York. A melodic punk rock

  • Ottilie Metzger-Lattermann

    Ottilie Metzger-Lattermann also formerly Ottilie Metzger-Froitzheim (15 July 1878 – February 1943

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    Gregg Latterman is an American entrepreneur, academic, and angel investor. The founder of Aware

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    and guitarists of Latterman as well as the guitarist of Iron Chic. In 2015 Douglas reunited with his Latterman band mates and formed Tender Defender.

  • Michael Campbell (American musician, born 1985)

    Station, New York, best known for his work with Laura Stevenson, and Latterman.

  • Brian Crozier (guitarist)

    breakup, he replaced Mike "MR" Campbell as the new guitarist of Latterman, a four-piece punk rock

  • Erhard Wechselmann

    , on at least one occasion with the contralto Ottilie Metzger-Lattermann who was also to perish in Auschwitz.

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    Industry!, Mike Campbell of Latterman, and Dave Garwacke of . One show featured Lee Hartney on lead

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    was recorded and produced by Latterman and Iron Chic guitarist Phil Douglas at his studio in Long Island

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