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- Noun

The highest kind of worship, or that paid to God; -- distinguished by the Roman Catholics from dulia, or the inferior worship paid to saints.

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  • Latria

    Latria (also known as latreutical worship) is a theological term (Latin Latrīa, from the Greek λατρεία, latreia) used in Roman Catholic theology to mean adoration, a reverence directed only to the Holy Trinity. Latria carries an emphasis on the internal form of worship, rather than external ceremonies.

  • Patria Mirabal Reyes

    Patria Mirabal Reyes

    Patria Mirabal Reyes (born February 27, 1924) is a activist.

  • Club Sport Patria

    Club Sport Patria

    Club Sport Patria is a soccer club based in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Patria was one of the first football clubs founded in Ecuador and right now it is the oldest team in existence in the country.

  • Pro Patria Union

    Pro Patria Union

    The Pro Patria Union (Estonian: Isamaaliit, meaning literally Fatherland Union) was a national-conservative political party in Estonia. The party was founded on 2 December 1995 from a merger of the Estonian National Independence Party and the Pro Patria National Coalition.

  • Patria

    Patria may refer to:

  • Nemo propheta in patria

    Nemo propheta in patria is a Latin phrase meaning "no man is a prophet in his own land." It may refer to:

  • Pro Patria (album)

    Pro Patria is the first album by the electronic body music group Signal Aout 42. The artwork was designed by Damien Vandamme. It was recorded by Jacky Meurisse at Tomorrow's Music Studio, Comines.

  • Patria NEMO

    Patria NEMO

    NEMO (from "NEw MOrtar"), is a single barrelled 120 mm remote-controlled mortar turret currently being developed by Patria Land Oy in Finland. It is a lighter version of the AMOS mortar system, which is also being field tested. The NEMO can be fitted to most APCs and also to smaller landing craft, such as the Finnish Jurmo-class landing craft or the Swedish CB90-class fast assault craft.

  • O Salvador da Pátria

    O Salvador da Pátria (The Savior of the Homeland in English) is a Brazilian telenovela produced and broadcast by Rede Globo. It premiered on 9 January and ended on 11 August 1989, with a total of 185 episodes. It's the fortieth "novela das oito" to be aired on the timeslot. It is created by Lauro César Muniz and directed by Gonzaga Blota.

  • Pro Patria

    Pro Patria (Latin: For the fatherland ) may refer to:

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