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- Noun

A member of the Church of England, in the time of Charles II., who adopted more liberal notions in respect to the authority, government, and doctrines of the church than generally prevailed.

- Noun

One who is moderate in his notions, or not restrained by precise settled limits in opinion; one who indulges freedom in thinking.

- Noun

One who departs in opinion from the strict principles of orthodoxy.

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  • Latitudinarian

    Latitudinarians, or latitude men, were initially a group of 17th-century English theologians – clerics and academics – from the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England, who were moderate Anglicans (members of the Church of England, which was Protestant ). In particular, they believed that adhering to very specific doctrines, liturgical practices, and church organizational forms, as did the Puritans, was not necessary and could be harmful: "The sense that one had special instructions from God made individuals less amenable to moderation and compromise, or to reason itself." Thus, the latitudinarians supported a broad-based Protestantism. They were later referred to as Broad Church (see also Inclusivism ).

  • Latitudinarianism (philosophy)

    Latitudinarianism, in at least one area of contemporary philosophy, is a position concerning de dicto and de re (propositional) attitudes. Latitudinarians think that de re attitudes are not a category distinct from de dicto attitudes; the former are just a special case of the latter.

  • Northern Latitudinal Railway

    Northern Latitudinal Railway

    The Northern Latitudinal Railway (NLR), is a projected railway line in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, 707 kilometers long, along the Obskaya - Salekhard - Nadym - Novy Urengoy - Korotchaevo route, which should link the western and eastern parts of the autonomous region, the Northern Railway with Sverdlovsk Oblast . The project is being implemented jointly by the government of Russia, the governments of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, PJSC Gazprom, JSC Russian Railways, and Development Corporation JSC. The construction coordinator of the railway is Federal Agency for Railway Transport(Roszheldor). Construction of the Northern latitudinal railway is planned to be carried out from 2018 to 2022 . The projected volume of traffic will be 24 million tons (mainly gas condensate and oil cargo) . Initially, the highway was supposed to be laid by 2015, but due to the lack of a budget solution, the project implementation dates were repeatedly postponed. In February 2017, the construction was announced to be completed in 2023, the project cost was estimated at 239 billion rubles .

  • The Latitudinal Gradient in Species Diversity

  • Latitudinal gradients in species diversity

    Species richness, or biodiversity, increases from the poles to the tropics for a wide variety of terrestrial and marine organisms, often referred to as the latitudinal diversity gradient (LDG). The LDG is one of the most widely recognized patterns in ecology . The LDG has been observed to varying degrees in Earth's past. A parallel trend has been found with elevation (elevational diversity gradient ), though this is less well-studied

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