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- Noun

A key used to raise, or throw back, the latch of a door, esp. a night latch.

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    The Latch-Key Child is the debut album by A+, released in 1996.

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    The Latchkey

    The Latchkey is a 1910 American silent short comedy produced by the Thanhouser Company. The premise of the plot focuses on two businessmen who are friends Will (or Bill in some publications) and John. Will gives John the key to his apartment so he had stay there while Will goes on vacation. The landlady of the house leases the apartment to two ladies. John decides to go to Will's apartment and lets himself in with the key and finds the two girls asleep. They awake and take him for a burglar and threaten to kill him and John pleads for mercy instead of addressing the misunderstanding. John is later revealed to be her employer after he is caught opening a safe in the office the next morning. The film was released on August 26, 1910 and was met with positive reviews by the trade publications. The film is presumed lost.

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