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- Noun

A rope or long thong of leather with, a running noose, used for catching horses, cattle, etc.

- Verb

To catch with a lasso.

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  • Lasso

    A lasso (/ˈlæsoʊ/ or /læˈsuː/ ), also called lariat, riata, or reata (all from Castilian, la reata 're-tied rope'), is a loop of rope designed as a restraint to be thrown around a target and tightened when pulled. It is a well-known tool of the American cowboy. The word is also a verb; to lasso is to throw the loop of rope around something. Although the tool has several proper names, such terms are rarely employed by those who actually use it; nearly all cowboys simply call it a "rope," and the use of such "roping." To most cowboys, the use of other terms — especially "lasso" — identifies the user as a layman.

  • Guillermo Lasso

    Guillermo Lasso

    Guillermo Alberto Santiago Lasso Mendoza (born 16 November 1955) is an Ecuadorian businessman and politician.

  • Lasso (programming language)

    Lasso (programming language)

    Lasso is an application server and server management interface used to develop internet applications and is a general-purpose, high-level programming language. Originally a web datasource connection tool, for Filemaker and later included in Apple Computer's FileMaker 4.0 and Claris Homepage as CDML, it has since evolved into a complex language used to develop and serve large-scale internet applications and web pages.

  • House of Lasso de la Vega

    House of Lasso de la Vega

    The House de la Vega, Laso de la Vega or Lasso de la Vega (sometimes even Garci Lasso de la Vega or Garcilaso de la Vega depending on the family member referenced) is a Spanish noble line from the Kingdom of Castile. The family origins lie in the areas now known as Torrelavega which was established in the Middle Ages. The House of de la Vega was one of the most important families in the territory which now makes up Cantabria and they dominated a large amount of the terrain and property between the Torre de la Vega and the Castillo de Argüeso.

  • Lasso from El Paso

    Lasso from El Paso is a 1976 album by Kinky Friedman. "Sold American" was recorded live at Fort Collins, Colorado as part of Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue.

  • Process Lasso

    Process Lasso

    Process Lasso is a process priority optimizer for Windows developed by Jeremy Collake of Bitsum LLC. It features a graphical user interface that allows for automating various process related tasks (e.g. automatically restart process if X, or start High Performance power scheme when running, or restrain if out of control). Its ProBalance algorithm works by dynamically adjusting the processes priorities, in order to keep the system responsive when process(es) are consuming too many CPU cycles.

  • Graphical lasso

    In statistics, the graphical lasso is an algorithm to estimate the precision matrix (inverse of covariance matrix ) from the observations from multivariate Gaussian distribution.

  • Garci Lasso de la Vega II

    Garci Lasso de la Vega II, also known as “El Joven” ( ? - Burgos, 1351) was the son of Garci Lasso de la Vega "El Viejo" with his first wife, Juana de Castañeda. He commanded Castillian troops against Navarra in the Battle of Río Salado of 1334. After distinguishing his valor, he was appointed as the highest royal official to the court of Fadrique Alfonso de Castilla, master of the Order of Santiago and son of Alfonso XI of Castile. He was later appointed Adelantado of Castile through the patronage of Juan Núñez de Lara. After the death of his patron, he sought refuge in Burgos, fearing the wrath of Juan Alfonso de Alburquerque. King Pedro I and his loyal men found him there where he suffered an atrocious death witnessed by the king in 1351, as reported by Pero López de Ayala in his chronicle on the reign of this monarch.

  • De-sparsified lasso

    De-sparsified lasso contributes to construct confidence intervals and statistical tests for single or low-dimensional components of a large parameter vector in high-dimensional model.

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