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- Noun

A genus of coniferous trees, having deciduous leaves, in fascicles (see Illust. of Fascicle).

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  • Larch


    Larches are conifers in the genus Larix, of the family Pinaceae (subfamily Laricoideae ). Growing from 20 to 45 m (66 to 148 ft) tall, they are native to much of the cooler temperate northern hemisphere, on lowlands in the north and high on mountains further south. Larches are among the dominant plants in the boreal forests of Siberia and Canada. Although they are conifers, larches are deciduous trees that lose their needles in the autumn.

  • John Larch

    John Larch

    John Larch (October 4, 1914 – October 16, 2005), also known as Harry Larch, was an American radio, film, and television actor.

  • Larch family

    The Larch family of formal specification languages are intended for the precise specification of computing systems. They allow the clean specification of computer programs and the formulation of proofs about program behavior.

  • Larch Hill

    Larch Hill

    Larch Hill International Scout and Guide Centre is the national campsite, and administrative and training headquarters of Scouting Ireland. It was previously owned by Scouting Ireland (CSI).

  • Larch ball

    The larch ball is a structure created when Western Larch needles floating in a lake become entangled in a spherical shape due to the action of waves and is a form of lake ball. They are most commonly known to form in Seeley Lake, Montana, however, they have also been known to form in similar regions such as Clark Fork and lakes in Tracy, New Brunswick such as Peltoma Lake, Big Kedron Lake, and Little Kedron Lake. Typical specimens are 3 to 4 inches (8 to 10 cm) in diameter more rarely larger ones are found.

  • Larch Networks

    Larch Network, Ltd. (previously Niram Systems) is company specializing in the design and development of hardware and software for embedded network systems, including network switches and routers, thin client systems and Linux gateways.

  • Larch, Michigan

    Larch is an unincorporated community in Delta County, in the U.S. state of Michigan.

  • Larch Wood (Railway Cutting) Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery

    Larch Wood (Railway Cutting) Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery

    Larch Wood (Railway Cutting) Cemetery is a Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) burial ground for the dead of the First World War located in the Ypres Salient on the Western Front in Belgium.

  • Larch Way, Washington

    Larch Way is a CDP located in Snohomish County, Washington.

  • Larch Farm

    Larch Farm

    The Larch Farm, also known as the Goldsmith-Pickering House, is a historic First Period farmhouse at 38 Larch Road in Wenham, Massachusetts. The house is a large colonial 2.5 story wood frame house, eight bays wide. The northern half of the house is three bays deep, and the southern half is two deep. Its complicated construction history begins in 1700, when Zaccheus Goldsmith was given permission to take timber for the purpose of building a house 40 feet (12 m) wide and 20 feet (6.1 m) deep. This structure was two stories high, with a leanto section in the rear and a chimney on its right. An addition during the Georgian period removed that chimney and doubled the size of the house, and moved the front door to the north side. A wing was added on the south during the 1780s, and the exterior was remodeled later to give the house a Federal style appearance. The interior of the house includes surviving decorative features from all three periods of construction.

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