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- Noun

A native or inhabitant of Lapland; -- called also Lapp.

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  • Volvo L3314

    The Volvo Laplander L3314 is a range of military vehicles produced by Volvo. In the early 1950s

  • Sami Americans

    Sami Americans are Americans of Sami descent, who originate from Sapmi, the northern regions of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Kola Peninsula of Russia. Lapp Americans is sometimes used, but lapp is considered derogatory by the Sami. It has been estimated that there are 30,000 people who are of Sami ancestry living in the United States.

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    in Norway, and Murmansk Oblast and the Republic of Karelia in Russia. Lapland's cold and wintry climate

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    The Lapland War (Finnish: Lapin sota; Swedish: Lapplandskriget; German: Lapplandkrieg) was fought

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    Lappland, often anglicised as Lapland (Swedish: Lappland, Northern Sami: Sápmi, Finnish: Lappi

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    Joseph Jérôme Lefrançois de Lalande (French: [lalɑ̃d]; 11 July 1732 – 4 April 1807) was a French astronomer, freemason and writer.

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    Saint Jean de Lalande (died October 19, 1646) was a Jesuit missionary at Sainte-Marie among

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