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- Noun

As much as the lap can contain.

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    Lawful Larceny (1923 film)

    Lawful Larceny is a lost 1923 American silent drama film directed by Allan Dwan and written by John Lynch and Samuel Shipman. The film stars Hope Hampton, Conrad Nagel, Nita Naldi, Lew Cody, Russell Griffin, and Yvonne Hughes. The film was released on July 22, 1923, by Paramount Pictures.

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    Awfully Lawful

    Awfully Lawful (Chinese: 熟男有惑) is a 2013 Hong Kong comedy legal drama television series produced by TVB, starring Roger Kwok, Sharon Chan and Johnson Lee. The series revolves around four lawyers, their legal cases and their personal relationships.

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    Lawful, Great Nicobar

    Lawful or Laful is a village in the Nicobar district of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India. It is located in the Great Nicobar tehsil.

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    Lawful Lady is a racing horse owned by Robert E. Low. She was sired by Silver Deputy with Prima Green as the dam.

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    Lawful is a racing horse. She was sired by Law Society with Dunette as the dam.

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