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- Noun

A board used on the lap as a substitute for a table, as by tailors.

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    The term Tapboard is used to describe two separate guitar-based instruments designed to employ variations of the tapping technique. One of these is played by guitarist Francis Dunnery and the other by bassist Balazs Szendofi. Unlike other tapping instruments such as the Chapman Stick, harpejji and Warr Guitar, both Tapboards are one-off custom designs and have never been produced commercially.

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    A geomorphic mapboard is a game board that can be configured in different ways and reused to create different playing surfaces. The mapboards are made geomorphic by using identical features along the edges of the maps, so that any two may be paired.

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    Clapboard Creek is a tributary of Matawan Creek in Monmouth County, New Jersey in the United States.

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