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- Noun

An alkaloid found in opium in small quantities, and extracted as a white crystalline substance.

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    Xanthosine is a nucleoside derived from xanthine and ribose. It is the biosynthetic precursor to 7-methylxanthosine by the action of 7-methylxanthosine synthase. 7-Methylxanthosine in turn is the precursor to theobromine (active alkaloid in chocolate), which in turn is the precursor to caffeine, the alkaloid in coffee and tea.

  • Xanthosine triphosphate

    Xanthosine triphosphate

    Xanthosine 5'-triphosphate (XTP) is a nucleotide that is not produced by - and has no known function in - living cells. Uses of XTP are, in general, limited to experimental procedures on enzymes that bind other nucleotides. Deamination of purine bases can result in accumulation of such nucleotides as ITP, dITP, XTP, and dXTP.

  • Xanthosine monophosphate

    Xanthosine monophosphate

    Xanthosine monophosphate is an intermediate in purine metabolism. It is a ribonucleoside monophosphate. It is formed from IMP via the action of IMP dehydrogenase, and it forms GMP via the action of GMP synthase. Also, XMP can be released from XTP by enzyme deoxyribonucleoside triphosphate pyrophosphohydrolase containing (d)XTPase activity.

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    Antiopi Melidoni (born October 11, 1977 in Athens) is a Greek water polo player and Olympic silver medalist.

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    Lanthionine Ketimine

    Lanthionine ketimine (H) is a naturally occurring sulfur amino acid metabolite found in the mammalian brain and central nervous system (CNS). [] []

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