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- Noun

A kind of cage inserted in a stuffing box and surrounding a piston rod, to separate the packing into two parts and form a chamber between for the reception of steam, etc. ; -- called also lantern brass.

- Noun

A smaller and secondary cupola crowning a larger one, for ornament, or to admit light; such as the lantern of the cupola of the Capitol at Washington, or that of the Florence cathedral.

- Noun

A cage or open chamber of rich architecture, open below into the building or tower which it crowns.

- Noun

An open structure of light material set upon a roof, to give light and air to the interior.

- Noun

A lantern pinion or trundle wheel. See Lantern pinion (below).

- Verb

To furnish with a lantern; as, to lantern a lighthouse.

- Noun

A perforated barrel to form a core upon.

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    Chinese lantern structure

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