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- Noun

Anything resembling the tongue in form or office; specif., the slip of metal in an organ pipe which turns the current of air toward its mouth.

- Noun

That part of the hilt, in certain kinds of swords, which overlaps the scabbard.

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  • Jean-Joseph Languet de Gergy

    Jean-Joseph Languet de Gergy

    Jean-Joseph Languet de Gergy (French pronunciation: ​[ʒɑ̃ ʒɔzef lɑ̃ɡɛ də ʒɛʁʒi]; 25 August 1677 – 11 May 1753) was a French ecclesiastic and theologian. He was first bishop of Soissons, then a member of the Académie française , and finally archbishop of Sens.

  • Hubert Languet

    Hubert Languet (1518 – 30 September 1581 in Antwerp) was a French diplomat and reformer. The leading idea of his diplomacy was that of religious and civil liberty for the protection and expansion of Protestantism. He did everything in his power to advance the union of the Protestant churches.

  • Jean-Baptiste Languet de Gergy

    Jean-Baptiste Languet de Gergy

    Jean-Baptiste Languet de Gergy (1674–1750) was parish priest at Eglise Saint-Sulpice in Paris from 1714 to 1748. He was the initiator of the construction of the Gnomon of Saint-Sulpice.

  • Simon-Nicholas Henri Linguet

    Simon-Nicholas Henri Linguet (14 July 1736 – 27 June 1794) was a French journalist and advocate known for his conservative politics who was executed during the French Revolution.

  • Langues d'oïl

    Langues d'oïl

    The langues d'oïl (/ˈdɔɪ(l), dɔːˈiːl/ French: [lɑ̃ɡdɔjl ], English: oïl languages) are a dialect continuum that includes standard French and its closest autochthonous relatives historically spoken in the northern half of France, southern Belgium, and the Channel Islands. These belong to the larger Gallo-Romance languages, which also include the historical languages of east-central France and western Switzerland (Arpitania ), southern France (Occitania ), portions of northern Italy, and the Val d'Aran in Spain.

  • Longuet

    Longuet is a French surname. It may refer to :

  • Charles Longuet

    Charles Longuet

    Charles Longuet (14 February 1839, Caen – 5 August 1903, Paris ) was a journalist and prominent figure in the French working-class movement, including the 1871 Paris Commune, as well as a Proudhonist member of the General Council of the First International or International Working Men's Association (1866–67, 1871–72). He served as Corresponding Secretary for Belgium (1866), delegate to the Lausanne (1867), Brussels (1868), the London Conference (1871) and the (1872).

  • Charles Stephen Longuet

    Charles Stephen Longuet

    Charles Stephen Longuet (1861 – 10 October 1941) was the 27th Mayor of Invercargill from 1901 to 1902, and from 1909 to 1910. He had been on the Borough Council since 1897.

  • Benjamin Longuet

    Benjamin Longuet was Governor of the Bank of England from 1747 to 1749. He had been Deputy Governor from 1745 to 1747. He replaced Charles Savage as Governor and was succeeded by William Hunt .

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