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- Noun

A narrow strip of land.

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  • Wolfi Landstreicher

    Wolfi Landstreicher is a former nom de plume ("Landstreicher" is the German word for vagabond, tramp) of a contemporary anarchist philosopher involved in theoretical and practical activity. He edited the anarchist publication Willful Disobedience, which was published from 1996 until 2005, and currently publishes a variety of anarchist, radical, surrealist and poetic pamphlets and booklets through his project, Venomous Butterfly Publication. His ideas are influenced by insurrectionary anarchism, Max Stirner 's egoism, surrealism, the Situationist International and non- primitivist critiques of civilization.

  • Die Landstreicher

    Die Landstreicher ("The Tramps") is an operetta in one prologue and two acts by Karl Michael Ziehrer (libretto by Leopold Krenn and Karl Lindau ). It was first performed on 29 July 1899, at the Summer Theatre "Venedig in Wien", with Ludmilla Gaston as von Rodenstein, Franz Glawatsch, Rudolf del Zopp, Siegmund Steiner, Poldi Augustin, Anton Matschegg, Vali Paak, and Max Schönau.

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