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- Noun

A painter of landscapes.

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  • The Master Landscapist

    The Master Landscapist is a 1990 Donald Duck story by Don Rosa, first published in Sweden in Kalle Anka & C:o #1990-46. It is the first story Don Rosa did for Egmont. The first American publication was in Donald Duck Adventures (series II) #22, in March 1992.

  • Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative

    The Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative is a partnership of the United States government with other agencies to address the challenges of climate change in the Great Basin.

  • 100 Landscapes of Japan (Showa era)

  • Guiuan Protected Landscape and Seascape

    Guiuan Protected Landscape and Seascape

    The Guiuan Protected Landscape and Seascape, also known as the Guiuan Marine Reserve, is a protected area associated with the Guiuan Island Group which is located off the coast of the municipality of Guiuan on the eastern side of Leyte Gulf in the Philippines. The protected area consists of the following islands from within the group: Calicoan, Manicani, Suluan, Tubabao, Victory, Homonhon and other smaller islands and their surrounding reefs. It also includes the coastal area of mainland Guiuan in Eastern Samar covering a total area of 60,448 hectares (149,370 acres). The land which now comprises the conservation area was previously declared as a Marine Reserve and Tourist Zone and was placed under the administration and control of the Philippine Tourism Authority in 1978. It was re-proclaimed and re-classified as a protected landscape/seascape in 1994 under the National Integrated Protected Areas System Act of 1992.

  • Sustainable landscape architecture

    Sustainable landscape architecture is a category of sustainable design concerned with the planning and design of outdoor space.

  • Landscape Park (protected area)

  • Landscape architecture design competitions

    Landscape architecture competitions are structured similarly to other types of design competitions (architecture, industrial design, graphic design etc.). In the case of landscape architecture design competitions, the procedure is sponsored by an organization or client that intends on implementing a new landscape design to a property in their care or ownership. Just as in architectural design competitions, the winning design is usually selected by an independent jury composed of design professionals and stakeholders such as government and/or local representatives. In general, design competitions are often used to stimulate new ideas in design, generate public debate, serve as a form of public relations for the project in question and integrate emerging designers into a more level field of competition.

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