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- Noun

A tearing; laceration.

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  • Laicization (Catholic Church)

    In the canon law of the Catholic Church, the loss of the clerical state (commonly referred to as laicization or laicisation) is the removal of a bishop, priest or deacon from the status of being a member of the clergy.

  • Vaccination of dogs

    Programs supporting regular vaccination of dogs have contributed both to the health of dogs and to the public health. In countries where routine rabies vaccination of dogs is practiced, for example, rabies in humans is reduced to a very rare event.

  • Alternative vaccination schedule

    An alternative vaccination schedule is a vaccination schedule differing from the schedule endorsed by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). These schedules may be either written or ad hoc , and have not been tested for their safety or efficacy. Proponents of such schedules aim to reduce the risk of adverse effects they believe to be caused by vaccine components, such as "immune system overload " that is argued to be caused by exposure to multiple antigens. Parents who adopt these schedules tend to do so because they are concerned about the potential risks of vaccination, rather than because they are unaware of the significance of vaccination's benefits. However, use of alternative vaccination schedules is associated with an increased risk of vaccine-preventable disease.

  • Vaccination and religion

    Vaccination and religion have interrelations of varying kinds. No major religions prohibit vaccinations, and some consider it an obligation because of the potential to save lives. Many religions, however, provide that each individual has the right to decide whether or not to use vaccines according to his or her own moral conscience. Regardless, some parents either fake religious adherence or invent fake religions to provide exemption.

  • Strange Fascination

    Strange Fascination

    Strange Fascination is a 1952 American film noir directed by Hugo Haas, starring Cleo Moore, himself and Mona Barrie.

  • Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporters (NRVS)

    Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporters (NRVS)

    The Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporters (NRVS) is a vaccination advocacy group formed in 2013 by people who were concerned about low vaccination rates in the Northern Rivers region of the Australian state of New South Wales. Rachel Heap, one of the group's core administrators, has said the organization's primary goal is to spread the word that people shouldn't be afraid of vaccines, but instead, "you should be amazed at how extraordinary they are as a public health measure".

  • The Tri-Tone Fascination

    The Tri-Tone Fascination

    The Tri-Tone Fascination is the second and final studio album by guitarist Shawn Lane, released in 1999 through Eye Reckon Records; a second edition was reissued in 2000, containing a revised track listing (with the omission of two songs) and different cover art. The opening track, "Kaiser Nancarrow", was inspired by and named after composer Conlon Nancarrow.

  • Fascination (1931 film)

    Fascination is a 1931 British drama film directed by Miles Mander and starring Madeleine Carroll, Carl Harbord and Dorothy Bartlam. It was made at Elstree Studios. The film's sets were designed by the art directors Clarence Elder and David Rawnsley.

  • Fascination (1979 film)

    Fascination (1979 film)

    Fascination is a 1979 French horror film directed by Jean Rollin, and starring Franca Maï and Brigitte Lahaie. It focuses on a thief who seeks refuge in a remote château where two mysterious women with potentially sinister intentions are residing.

  • Trio Fascination: Edition One

    Trio Fascination: Edition One

    Trio Fascination: Edition One is an album by the American jazz saxophonist Joe Lovano recorded in September 1997 and released the following year on the Blue Note label.

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