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- Noun

One who lances; one who carries a lance; especially, a member of a mounted body of men armed with lances, attached to the cavalry service of some nations.

- Noun

A set of quadrilles of a certain arrangement.

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  • Lancer

    A lancer was a type of cavalryman who fought with a lance. Lances were used in mounted warfare by the Assyrians as early as 700 BC and subsequently by Greek, Persian, Gallic, Chinese, and Roman horsemen. The weapon was widely used in Asia and Europe during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance by armoured cavalry, before being adopted by light cavalry, particularly in Eastern Europe. In a modern context, a lancer regiment usually denotes an armoured unit.

  • S.L.A.I.: Steel Lancer Arena International

    S.L.A.I.: Steel Lancer Arena International

    S.L.A.I.: Steel Lancer Arena International is a vehicular combat video game developed by Genki and published by Konami exclusively for PlayStation 2. It is the sequel to Phantom Crash .

  • Shelby Lancer

    The Shelby Lancer was a limited-production hatchback sports sedan based on the Dodge Lancer. Modified by Carroll Shelby for 1987 and in Graphic Red only, the Shelby Lancer was intended to be an American counterpart to such European sedans as the BMW 3 Series and Peugeot 405. It was well equipped inside with many amenities not offered on the normal Lancer, including a special 10-speaker Pioneer CD audio system, one of the first Compact Disc systems offered in an American car. There were only 800 of these cars made in total; 400 came with a 3-speed Automatic transmission (A413) and leather interior, and 400 with a 5-speed Manual transmission (A520) and cloth interior. Other Shelby-branded items included a numbered plaque attached to the dashboard along with Shelby 15 inch wheels, a Shelby steering wheel, and a Shelby valve cover. The various VIN plates and build labels on the car all indicated "Shelby Automobiles" instead of the typical Chrysler or Dodge labels found on normal production vehicles.

  • Champion Lancer

    Champion Lancer

    The Champion 402 Lancer is a twin-engine trainer produced by Champion Aircraft, a high-wing monoplane based on the tricycle gear Champion 7FC Tri-Traveler, but with wing-mounted Continental O-200-A engines. The Lancer first flew in 1961 and production began in 1963. The Lancer seats two in a tandem configuration with dual flight controls; the pilot in command or student pilot normally occupies the front seat.

  • Lancer Books

    Lancer Books was a publisher of paperback books founded by Irwin Stein and Walter Zacharius that operated from 1961 through 1973. While it published stories of a number of genres, it was noted most for its science fiction and fantasy, particularly its series of Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian tales, the first publication of many in paperback format. It published the controversial novel Candy by Terry Southern and Mason Hoffenberg, and Ted Mark's ribald series The Man from O.R.G.Y. Lancer paperbacks had a distinctive appearance, many bearing mauve or green page edging.

  • Gley Lancer

    Gley Lancer

    Gley Lancer is a 1992 scrolling shooter video game developed and published by Masaya for the Sega Mega Drive.

  • Lafayette Lancer Regiment

    Lafayette High School, located in Wildwood, Missouri, United States is a secondary school in the Rockwood School District.

  • Mitsubishi Racing Lancer

    Mitsubishi Racing Lancer

    The Mitsubishi Racing Lancer (code-named MRX09) is a cross-country rally car developed by Mitsubishi Motors for competing in 2009 Dakar rally. "MRX09" stands for Mitsubishi Rally X-Country. The car was built to the FIA's Group T1 rules, and competed in the 2009 Dakar Rally. It has a tubular steel frame with carbon fiber bodywork. Unlike previous Mitsubishi cross-country rally cars, the Racing Lancer's bodywork resembles the Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback instead of the Mitsubishi Pajero.

  • Lancer Ferry

    The Lancer Ferry is a cable ferry in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. The ferry crosses the South Saskatchewan River, linking the communities of Lancer with Eston and providing a connection between Highway 30 and Highway 32.

  • The Lives of a Bengal Lancer

    The Lives of a Bengal Lancer may refer to:

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