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- Noun

An assistant to a corporal; a private performing the duties of a corporal; -- called also lance corporal.

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    Lancetes is a genus of predaceous diving beetles in the family Dytiscidae, the only member of the subfamily Lancetinae. There are more than 20 described species in Lancetes, found in Australasia and the Neotropics.

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    Thatcher Peninsula (54°17′S 36°32′W ) is a mountainous peninsula in north-central South Georgia. Its total area is approximately 5,640 hectares (13,900 acres), with roughly 1,620 ha (4,000 acres) covered in vegetation. It erminates to the north in Mai Point, rising between Cumberland West Bay to the west, and Cumberland East Bay and Moraine Fjord to the east. It is bounded to the southwest and south by Lyell Glacier and Hamberg Glacier. King Edward Cove on the east side of the peninsula is the site of the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) Grytviken station and the disused whaling station of the same name.

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